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Hello World - christianmiles.com

Hi Guys,

I know where have I been? I think it's been about a month since my last post! Well all I have is the usual excuse.... That i've been really busy for the last month! I've had a trip up to Scotland to visit friends, a few courses, I've been decorating the barn where I live and my next-door neighbour has suggested I should perhaps do something with my garden!

However one of the more IT related activities I've been working on in my spare time is my website christianmiles.com

I've had a website for a while now - But one of the things I've struggled with is it's personality..... Am I techie developer? am I team manager? or a Scrum Master/Agile Coach? I think it's bit of a split personality disorder and I might be fighting with it for a while!

However I took the conscious decision a while back that I would market myself, "Christian Miles" as a brand... And I've certainly plastered my face all over the front page - But why? A lot of people who advertise their services or skills on the web are somewhat anonymous.. That's not a insult or an attack on anyone but an observation!

I want to make it clear to people that I'm not a huge company - or a small firm of developers... I'm an individual with a set of skills in software development and agile project management and as somebody who's proud of that skill set I very much want to put my face to that brand! My strap-line is the "The trusted partner" and for that to work people need to know who I am, what I'm about and what I can do and just as importantly can't do for an organisation (Or perhaps won't do! but that's a blog on ethics and morals for another day)

So what's new?

I've used Twitter Bootstrap and I've purchased a theme to make things a little quicker to setup - Yes I know considering my job I could have written my own site from scratch.. but with the cost of the template being about £10 it really wasn't worth my while meddling with all that pesky CSS for too long! It's also reminded me why I'm not a UX designer!

I've added more information about past projects (Still very much work in progress), fixed a few annoying bugs that had crept in when I updated some libraries back in July and tidied up the rendering for mobile and tablet viewers (but you'll have to view it on a desktop to see the full content).... I've also added a number of references that past employers and colleagues have very kindly written for me! If you've been kind enough to supply me one and you can't see it on the website.. don't worry it will be appearing I've just not got round to uploading them all.

I promise the next blog article won't be too long away and I really do have lots of agile articles I really want to share with you as well as details of a new book covering real life agile implementation - made easy(ish) that I'm working on... as and when time allows!

Thanks for reading

As always... Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn

Christian Miles