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Scrum Training Guide

I've worked with lots of companies who are struggling with Agile concepts and are trying to implement a version of Agile methodology.

I'm a massive fan of Scrum both as a really good way of developing products but also as way of introducing and teaching agile concepts within a new environment... It has many 'rules' which are great for establishing boundaries and protection measures which allow scrum teams and scrum masters to push back and negotiate better with stakeholders... It's helps introduce visibility and is brilliant for building collaborative teams.

I've used the below presentation  The Scrum Framework many times as a one day theory based class-room training course....

Please feel free to use yourself... All that I ask is that you leave my personal branding intact :-)

The course really needs to be delivered by somebody with a good understanding of Agile and the Scrum framework -  But as time allows I'll try and add some tutor notes.

To view the slide show.....  The Scrum Framework

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