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Objective-C or Swift?

I've got several really import blog articles in the pipe-line, covering Technical debt, Water-Scrum-Fall and one of my favorite conversations as a Scrum Master how to increase #Velocity - well as every good facetious Scrum Master knows.... the answer is easy, double your estimates!!! But that's a blog for another day!

Anyway... With Apple's recent and possibly surprising announcement about the new programming language Swift being used to develop IOS apps I thought I should probably do a quick blog!

I've never used Swift and to be honest don't really do a lot of Objective-C but I have been studying the syntax over the last few days to try and get a good idea of the language!

Objective-C probably isn't the nicest language to work with.... especially for those from a C# background - I was perhaps fortunate enough to do C and C++ at University and many years ago did some Windows work in C++ Swift certainly looks a bit more 'modern' - however personally I can't get used to not putting a semi-colon on every line! But I tend to do that whenever I maintain VB code too! and occasionally in COBOL!  I've never put a full-stop on the end of a line in Java however yet.

But to be honest, despite what you might be reading in the media, Syntax is not a biggie! any decent developer can learn a new syntax in a couple of days, especially with Google to hand. Where it does make life easier is in doing some of those jobs that perhaps we've become a bit lazy with! with memory management being the most prominent!

But I think the real boost with Swift over Objective-C is that it gives coding on IOS more of a friendly and furrier public image! Especially with developers who have perhaps been a little scared to play with it!

However perhaps Apple have a more sneaky reason to make it friendlier.... Perhaps Apple have realized that in order to keep control of IOS App's they've needed to make it less scary and more cuddly... Just last week I wrote an article entitled Is the MVC design pattern dead? HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks are changing the way Web sites work... for years you've been a Java specialist or a dot-net specialist..... HTML5 moves so much to the client that you can write sites and Mobile Apps with very little concern to back-end server code!

And that's the point.... you can write Mobile APPS that'll run on Android, IOS and Windows in HTML5 without being an Objective-C developer - and even more importantly without distribution via Apple's APP store.... and I suspect Apple don't like that!

I was going to give some coding examples in Swift and Objective-C but my Apple keyboard as just packed up!!! forcing me to finish this on my tablet! Not an easy task! 

Written by Christian Miles

Christian Miles