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Is MVC Dead?

MVC, The  Model View Controller design pattern has perhaps finally reached maturity and common acceptance.... it's powered the best of on-line web applications for around a decade or perhaps longer - but is it now dead? an out dated deprecated technology? 

Well the simple answer is no... not if you look at the number of job adverts which are looking for MVC skills!

But are these companies and IT teams missing a trick? Are they catching up with where they should have been five perhaps ten years ago and jumping onto what is soon to be a outdated idea and concept?

It was only about 5 years ago I was sat in an Interview explaining how Microsoft's new MVC solution for .net was immature and primitive - I'd come from a Java background where MVC was old hat! I'd used multiple MVC frameworks and had been using Struts for over 5 years .... us 'cool' Java developers  probably looked down our noses at the immature .net world!  

In fact when I finally began doing .net work and was working on web-forms - even when Microsoft got MVC version 1 out  I didn't even bother with it! choosing instead to implement Spring.net as my MVC framework! it also handily handled Inversion of Control and had a better data access mechanism!

Move on half a decade and how times have moved! MVC2 was OK... it worked! only for Microsoft to cease support for it VS2012 onwards! MVC4 an Web API is yet better...... but and it's a big but... do we still need MVC? The main traditional features that MVC offered us don't apply in the new world!

The browser's we use today are the not same browser's that were around when MVC frameworks were all the rage! today's browsers effectively allow us to run platform independent 'applications' on a client.... any client I've used the word applications intentionally - today's web pages are not the webpages that we were writing a decade ago!!

In the world of HTML5, jQuery and HTTP services..... webpages are applications and MVC is dead! OK some of the URL routing is useful - but to be honest... it's probably only in the world of Java and Struts that anybody really took full advantage of this feature!

Im starting to see more and more jobs being advertised purely for Javascript developers! not that many years ago Javascript was just an additional skill that us developers possessed - but with client based MVC frameworks like BackBone.js and Knockout.js the traditional world of MVC might be about to end... if it hasn't already.

Christian Miles