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How to succeed with Twitter! or..... Help I want more followers!

I'm often being asked about Twitter... and one of the most commonly asked questions is 'how do I get more followers?'

I'm bit of a late comer to Twitter, I opened up an account back in 2010 but never ever 'Tweeted' preferring to be of those that listens! Working in the IT industry I like to be kept informed of developments, ideas, news and products I'm interested in... and Twitter is just one of the many tools I use to help with this to ensure that I stay fresh!

However  for the last year I've also been using Twitter to communicate to the world about myself, Christian Miles or as I like to describe myself 'Christian Miles, the brand' as that's exactly how I market myself and my services.

So after a year I thought I'd share with all those who have asked how I use Twitter...... The first two points are simple good common sense :-

  • Pay attention to your profile image....  it's the first thing people will see and first impressions really do count! What photo you use will say something about you? what message do you want to portray with your profile image?
  • Almost as important as your picture is your bio..... this is the short blurb that describes who you are.... people who have viewed your profile and not yet clicked away will often read this before deciding if they want to click 'Follow' - remember they'll read this in most cases before your Tweets

Beyond that your into a world of games and strategic techniques.... or even buying followers!!!! But I'm not going to bother talking about those techniques because every other website will give you those tips and sneaky tricks!

Instead I'll talk about my strategy and techniques -  Firstly, I don't actively seek to get followers! I don't judge the success of my Twitter marketing by the number of followers I have.

What I have done is identify what I'm using Twitter for and what is my end goal.... this will of-cause vary from person to person and your goals will be different but my main aims are as follows:

  • To communicate up-to date IT related stories  - stories which add value for my followers - and arms them with the IT agenda of the day! 
  • I'm very much into Agile, I'm a Scrum master and often coach other teams in all things Agile - I like to Tweet stories that I think others will find useful and share my experiences and knowledge with other Agile practitioners 
  • As everybody reading this blog will know... I'm a blogger - Twitter is a mechanism for communicating when my next article is out and for helping to build up readers
  • Finally I have a number of friends and family members who are just interested in what I'm up-to so I share aspects of my life with them

So how do I use Twitter daily.... I concentrate on creating good, relevant content on my blog which is focussed towards the area's Im interested in and tweeting about it, Finding other useful helpful blogs and articles that I think will be of value to others and re-tweeting what I think is useful or informative!

I'll leave others to worry about building up followers whilst I worry about quality and content..... and besides,  those who have read the other articles on how to builder followers.... know how fickle Twitter followers can be!

Written by Christian Miles


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