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5 Keys to Becoming Indispensable at Work!

I was reading a LinkedIn article today titled "5 Keys to Becoming Indispensable at Work!"  LinkedIn is full of these articles... and to be honest most of them are rather mundane!

The five keys were all good common sense stuff... but nothing stood out! they were the things we should all be doing anyway.

But beyond being an uninspiring read I have a bigger problem with this article! it's flawed! Nobody is indispensable... Nobody! I've lost count of the number of indispensable people I've worked with who have left and the world has not ended, life will always goes on - and every good manager knows that!

And it's not just people leaving - I've seen entire departments closed down and people put out of work! good people, bad people, average people - when a financial decision has been made by the accountants! or the share price takes a plunge.... nobody is indispensable!

But I don't think that's a problem! why do we want to be indispensable at work? Well the simple answer is because we have mortgages to pay... food to put on the table and families who are dependent upon us!

But to be honest wanting to be indispensable sounds a little bit needy and desperate!! and just as in the dating game... nobody wants somebody who's needy!!

Before I go on it's only fair to make a small confession... I am very, very  fortunate! I live in a lovely leafy village in an old converted barn... I don't have a family... I don't even have a wife! Due to some good decisions earlier in life and a bit of luck I don't even need a regular income, I don't need to chase the money! I can take the interesting work as opposed to the work that pays the most! I can take time to invest in my skills or take time out to follow other interests.

But if your not in such a fortunate position... it's even more important to stop worrying about being indispensable at work! because your focus is in the wrong direction!

The key to being indispensable at work... is to ensure that your employer isn't indispensable to you!

Ask yourself the question.... if my job/role didn't exist tomorrow where would your next income stream come from? If you can't answer that question you need to start making contingency plans! Every good company has contingency plans to cope with loosing 'indispensable' people and you need to think and work the same!

I've always made an effort to invest in myself.... Christian Miles, to train myself, to keep my skills up to date and to keep myself highly marketable... and then I pay attention to ensure that I market Christian Miles the brand! I know what my skills are... what the market requires and where the market is going!

Invest in developing high end skills, keep your skills up to date and identify your unique selling point (USP)  - Do that and do it well....and you won't need to worry about being indispensable! you'll have the luxury of being able to talk to various clients - and to choose clients where you both want to do business together!


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