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I've spent the day sailing... no IT at all in this blog!

Just a quick Blog post as I realise I've been quiet for the last week or perhaps it's been longer?... regular readers of my blog know that I constantly keep it updated ;-)

But jokes aside I'm always surprised by the number of visitors and regular readers this blog actually gets! thanks everybody for reading, thanks for your messages and I promise it really will get better!

Anyway - I've been away for a few days to the Isle of Wight.... not sure how we ended up there bit of a long story! but I did have the pleasure of enjoying some very nice pubs!

The weather considering it was Easter was surprisingly good - it was even warm and sunny at times!

However today I got a chance to go sailing around the Solvent! brilliant weather, really good visibility, enough wind to make it fun but not too challenging! The sea was lovely and calm and all in all I had a really brilliant day!

Unfortunately it's back to dingy sailing for me for a while.... one of the drawbacks of living in the land locked Midlands!

Tomorrow I'm back to a loosely IT related story... all about how I saved the day from the mysterious 202 bug... and I've even managed to shoehorn a Isle of Wight link into the story!

Christian Miles