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Who's reading what on LinkedIn?

x-ray of a Muppet, 4117 views.... serious story.... 224 Views!

LinkedIn have introduced a really cool new feature.... "WHO'S VIEWED YOUR UPDATES" It's a brilliant way to get an understanding of how far your updates reach and usefully gives you an insight into those all important 2nd and 3rd level connections.

I try and share several updates a week for a variety of reasons... some I think are really interesting and other users will hopefully find some value in them, others are somewhat more comical and less serious in nature! However comical or otherwise both help to push my profile up on LinkedIn... they help to ensure that my mug shot is seen regularly and gives me some really useful stats as to how wide my following is! nothing vain at all about that!

Over the last few weeks I've tried to post one slightly amusing post towards the end of the week and I'm always impressed with the stats that a funny picture of a Muppet (or a laughing cow) can get over a serious article concerning Agile projects or SAS!

What does this tell us about LinkedIn users? I'd rather not speculate.... but it does give me some hope!

Written by

Christian Miles

Christian Miles