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Personality types and management courses!

I must admit I thought very long and hard before writing this blog article.... that's why it's been so long since my last blog (or at least that's my excuse!) and to be honest I feel somewhat uncomfortable revealing too much about myself!

Anyway... let's get to the point of this blog article, I've just returned from a management course which I promise I will discuss in more depth soon.... but for now suffice to say it was rubbish! Yes really it was, rubbish!... If I'd been commissioned by the BBC to produce a paraidy of a management course  with every cliche possible... well I've just lived through it!

However one of the interesting things that came out of it is my Myers Briggs personality type.... Apparently my personality type is INFP and if you want to discover more about INFP's and me check this out  http://4dearlife.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/i-am-infp-what-are-you.html

Anyway... for various reasons which I won't discuss now I've taken a real interest in personality types this year.... and I must admit I consider myself bit of an expert on the subject! albeit modest with it!

If you want to find out your personality type..... http://www.16personalities.com/ I've just tried again and I'm still a INFP.... I've been an INFP for decades now, probably longer!... I wan't to try being somebody else for a while! and for a slightly quicker test try this.... http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp I did and I'm still an INFP!

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