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OK Where have I been?


Hello loyal listeners.... Just a very quick post to let people know I'm still alive!

I've just returned from a few very well deserved weeks away in Cuba!

First of all I feel a need to answer some of the questions I've been asked about Cuba....


Q1. Is it really a workers paradise.....

A. OK that was a fashious comment made by an extremely right wing acquaintance of mine.....

And the answer is no! however I was surprised by the number of iPhones I saw out there!

The people of Cuba are extremely proud of their country however and so they should be as despite America's best attempt to strangle the country - Sorry to all of my American readers but it's true.... I know that you get as much propaganda to the contrary as you are led to believe the people of Cuba do but you have tried to destroy the country financially for over 50 years... and you've failed! and before you start talking about nuclear missiles strapped to the decks of ships... please don't forget who put all those missiles on the Russian border first!!!!!

Anyway I digest or is it digress? I never can remember ... The country is far from a workers paradise, sadly the best way way for most Cubans to make money is in the tourist industry (mainly because of the tips) which is why you get Doctors and engineers as tour reps.

Q2. Cuba's full of drugs right?

A. No! It's not South America.... It was full of drugs.... before the communists took over. They however take a rather dim view of drugs!

Q3. Do you feel safe?

A. Yes! I look like a tourist and I don't mind admitting it! I know some people who hate to admit to being tourists... oh no... there travellers not tourists! although I did pretend  to be German... but that's another story! however I was more than happy to walk around Havanna with no worries what so ever... In fact Cuba and Havanna are perhaps some of the safest places I've ever been! Nein, Danke

Q4. Whats the food like?

A. Rubbish, it's really bad.... I'm sorry but the Cubans don't do culinary excellence!

Q5. Are the cigars cheap?

A. Yes! and the Rum too!

Q6. Would you go again?

A. This is a little awkward.... because no I wouldn't! it's a brilliant country... I'd highly recommend it...  but to be honest once is enough! You can do the beaches and Havanna and theres not much else to do... I hate to say it but you really can do Cuba and get a sense of the country in a few weeks! It's not that I wouldn't go back... but there's so many other places to go first!

The only thing I would say is that Cuba is changing every day... and to get a sense of Cuba, Communist Cuba before there's a McDonalds on every street I'd sooner rather than later.

OK... I'm running out of time... if you have questions... sensible ones! just ask!

Christian Miles