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I'm still alive!

It's been almost a month since my last blog entry and people are starting to wonder if I'm still alive - unbelievably this blog gets hundreds of hits every week from every corner of the world! Yes it really does and I'm more shocked than you probably are to read that.

I'm not going to bore you with excuses but March has been a hectic month - However I have lots of interesting ideas I hope to share with you all soon.

I'm working from home today (and in case my boss reads this I've written this during my lunch hour!)

I've been asked to do a presentation for an innovation day later this year - usually I'd try and bluff these things and hope that something sensible rolled of the tongue at the right moment, nothing like the stress of a standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people to get the mind working.

Anyway - in the hope of being slightly more professional this time I'd thought I'd give them death by Powerpoint, I've been given the pre-lunch grave yard slot (I'm sure it's an oversight rather than a deliberate ploy) so I suspect most people will have their minds on the buffet and not what I'm saying. (I will of-cause give you a full report on the range of sandwiches, canopies and  other delicious snacks after the event)

Well the day is about innovation and as I'll be representing the development department it's my opportunity to  highlight what we as a team actually do all day.

For most of my commercial coding life I've worked for Software houses but for the last few years I've worked for a construction company with an in-house IT team.

Development departments within IT departments within large organisations tend to get a little lost - external people never really know what we (developers) do all day! are we part of the service desk? are we one of those control freaks who reads people's emails and stops you from using Facebook at work? The guy who hangs around the server room with a screw driver and Tricorder or that nerdy spectacle wearing nobody thats sits in the corner scared to talk to anyone with two screens  , a pile of books, 20 half drunk cups of coffee and bit's of papers everywhere you know who I mean! and if you don't there the developers. 

But genuinely I'm often amazed at how few people know what we do.... or perhaps more importantly how what we do can transform the way they work - or give them that competitive advantage which sets us apart from the rest of the crowd.

At some point last year we introduced Google maps into our internal suite of applications - nobody had asked for it, some even asked why we'd done it! but what it gave us straight away was visibility of our supply chain and some very nifty KPI reports (for commercially sensitive reasons I won't go into specifics of what we did). Earlier this year those KPI stats and proof that we had control of our supply chain (and some cool looking screens) meant we hit a qualifying criteria for a very big and important bid the company was working on. A development department used right or even left alone to innovate really can make a difference to an organisation.

Anyway - Lunch break is nearly over so I need to get back to my presentation but I'll try and get my next post out a little sooner!

Christian Miles

PS.  Hello to all my readers in Russia, China, India, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, US, Sweden, UAE, South Korea (No North Korean readers yet!) Canada, Chile, .................... 


Christian Miles