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101st anniversary of the Titanic sinking

The Titanic sank a 101 years ago.... tomorrow! Most people don't remember the 101st anniversaries  yes people remember the10th, 25th, 50th so on and so on but not the 101st!

However to me it's a very important aniversary as a year ago today I sold my boat Deneb - Deneb was a 70' narrowboat constructed by Colecraft engineering and launched in spring 2007.

Being the captain of my very own Narrowboat had been a childhood dream of mine.

At an early age my parents used to walk my brother and I up and down the canals and we'd talk and dream about the possibility of  one day owning a small cruiser or perhaps even a narrowboat.

Then from about the age of 14 I started dreaming about owning my own Narrowboat and how I'd design it - I started drawing sketchs and planning designs visiting boat shows and talking to people on the canals to get ideas for my very own boat. I read all the canal magazines and later began visiting boat yards and discussing my ideas with builders.

Deneb wasn't my first boat... My first boat was called Cygnus and was a compromise between my dreams and the finances of somebody who had only recently left Uni!

A very young me waiting for my first boat Cygnus
to be launched
Six years later and with better finances I started to design my next dream narrowboat learning from the mistakes and compromises I'd made with Cygnus - and after a year in the build and fitting out stage she was completed in March 2008.

After a break up with my partner in 2010  Deneb became my fulltime home for several years - serving me absolutely admirably.

So why did I sell her... well like many young narrowboat captains I met and fell and in love (sadly were no longer together)  - and I sold the boat to assist fund the purchase of my current home a lovely little barn conversion nestled away in a tiny village in rural Leicestershire. 

Today is bit of sad day as I remember saying farewell to that childhood dream.

For pics of Deneb and Cygnus: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.111854348854782.6517.100000906526993&type=1&l=76d9c41227

Christian Miles