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I need to say sorry to all my colleagues, for I have sinned!

Only a very quick blog, I've gone out and brought a Mac. Those who know me well will know how hard this decision would have been

I was speaking to an ex-colleague several months back who had been working on an Apple POS system... as we got talking he reminded me of the very first retail tablet based system we had worked on together back in 2004 (I think it was 2004, might have been 2003) to be honest I'd forgotten I'd ever worked on it!

The system was called REDS (Retail Express Delivery System) and was written in Java, it used  a specialist JVM supplied for the Windows CE operating system by a company that I think was based in Israel.

That was the last last mobile system I'd worked on (except for a brief exposure to a mobile voice unit) until a few years back when I began working on my first Android applications.

Anyway.... With Xcode literally just down loaded and installed I can start on my first Apple apps.

Christian Miles

PS. Just remembered my old Psion organizer II, I  was writing mobile apps on that back in the late 80's!

Christian Miles