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Christian Miles CSM (Certified Scrum Master)

Well I don't think I'll be signing my name Christian Miles CSM but  I did promise an update to the Scrum Master course I attended earlier this week and here it is.

It's a two day long course where you are immersed in the world of Agile methodology and as it name suggests Scrum (Scrum is not the only Agile technique by any means but it's probably the most commonly known), the course consisted of around 12 students with varying degrees of knowledge and roles. At least half of the room were already practicing Scrum to some degree with a couple of evangelical purists! Well you always get a few don't you!

I've been practicing Agile techniques for almost ten years now - but it was really good to be dragged away from the world of pragmatism and compromise and once again to be instructed on what is pure Scrum methodology.

I really did return to work excited, with a head full of ideas and a passion to share what I'd learnt - and just as refreshing I found that people wanted to listen.

Too often in the real world agile practices are watered down, often down to necessity but also scepticism and reluctance and lets be honest, I know of many companies who claim to be agile but in reality are merely playing lip service.

For anybody considering this course I would highly recommend it and not just those interested in being a Scrum Master.... Indeed at the end of the course many of the people who had attended with a view of being a Scrum Master found themselves forced to re-evaluate if they were the right person for the role (Possibly Product Owner would be a better role) but they did have a much better understanding of Agile and Scrum.

The course costs also includes two year membership to the Scrum-Alliance

Christian Miles



Christian Miles