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Who Am I?

Well a physiologist could have a field day with that question! But I thought that as I'm writing this blog I should give some insight as to who I am and the purpose for it.

Like everybody I have a LinkedIn profile:Christian Miles which is my official business profile... but the following is a little less serious!

I started my career in the COBOL mines of Coventry working with those now old fashioned green screened UNIX dumb terminals, I honestly suspect I might well be the youngest COBOL developer on the planet  or at least the youngest with true commercial experience if I'm wrong let me. I also hope that one day I may be the last COBOL developer left on the planet (or at least the last of working age) at which point my pension plan will finally be sorted.

100,000 lines of COBOL code later I moved into the recently formed Java team for the same company and helped to shape our companies flagship POS product which is still being sold successfully today to the likes of Marks & Spencers and John Lewis (Not sure it's relevant to the story but I do love John Lewis and can't recommend them enough, in fact my home looks like a John Lewis catalogue)

After ten years I moved to a smaller company and switched technology to Microsoft's .net framework where we worked on delivering an incredibly functionally rich warehouse management system to companies such as Wincanton, 3663, Brakes and M&S....... It may have been a small company but with an extremely dedicated team which consistently outperformed to relation with it's size.

I live in a lovely village nestled away in deepest Leicestershire with nothing more than a Main road, a canal and a lovely pub.

This blog is a chance to share some of the stories I've come across during my life in IT, I hope to include some useful  'how to' articles and other helpful advice.

I also promise (or at least hope) to keep this blog a little light heated and unlike most IT blogs and articles you find accessible to everyone!

Christian Miles

Christian Miles