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Google Apps, tea, biscuits and beer

My self and a fellow colleague have just returned from a trip to London - we'd been invited down to Google for a presentation from one of their business partners Ancoris

To be honest it was a sale pitch from Google to try and sell the apps I and suspect many people use every day Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Doc, Sheets, Slides, etc, etc....to a corporate market with an enterprise licence.

The presentation was very slick, as you would expect and very interesting - the pricing model looked very attractive too, £33 per user per year, SLA's, 24/7 Support.... I could go on but I won't.

However I'm not sure how well it would go down in with the large tier 1 companies? Not sure I'd want to turn round to the FD and say 'you know what, remember how I told you how good Microsoft Exchange was, well I was wrong, sorry I know I had lots of good arguments for it but I was just wrong! we now need to migrate our email into that big Google cloud thing' and I'm not going to stop there 'Microsoft Office, who needs it? why pay for everybody to have office? why not switch to Google Docs?'

I suspect that many end users in an organisation who had MS Office taken off them and replaced with a web based text editor might put it down to penny pinching rather than a superior technological architectural advancement and as for there view of the IT department.....

And I've not even began to talk about data residency issues or data security - to which Google had some very Google replies.

But to be honest if I was the owner of an SME employing around 10 people I would have been sold - email  with a 25 GB inbox, the cloud (10 GB storage) no upfront CAPEX, no virus protection or backup routines to worry about  no need to employee that boring nerdy geek to look after things and I get all that for £330 a year! I'm Sold.

Now to the really important bit.... the hospitality! tea and biscuits were freely available during registration and the numerous breaks, however and I think this is a serious point,  there was a definite lack of chocolate biscuits and to be honest considering the seniority of many of the attendees a better spread of quality biscuits should have been provided - indeed if I'd been in charge of tea and biscuits I would have been more adventurous - I'd perhaps even splash out and get those lovely chocolate biscuits covered in red tin foil in my opinion they always add a touch of class to any event.

At the end of the presentation we had a 'happy hour' and yes at last the beer came out - there was a nice mix of bitter, cider and lager (I don't really do lager myself but my less cultured colleague was happy to drink it) I thought a lack of glasses once again let down the hospitality here, drinking London Pride from the bottle is just plainly wrong.

Christian Miles

Christian Miles