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Back in London, again!

Yes... back in London.... again... well actually I'm back from London, I got back on Tuesday evening but was too tired to write an update!

I'd been on a two day Scrum Master course, I must say the course really was excellent and I can't recommend it enough for anyone interested in Agile or Scrum, the course tutor was a David Hicks

I've been doing Agile in one form or another since around 2004... however neither myself or anybody I was working with at the time had ever been on any kind of formal training, we were all self taught from reading books and numerous internet articles (I guess like a lot of teams practicing Agile) and also like many teams who are self taught we got it wrong to start with! after several years and many iterations we'd got to something that would be recognized as a an agile process.... as opposed to a process that paid lip service to Agile, be honest how many teams out there claim to be agile because they perform a morning 'stand-up' or possibly work in sprints?

Anyway I don't have enough time to do the course justice right now but I'll write a full report later this weekend all I'll say is that I've come back into work today fired up again with a head full of ideas which I want to share with my team.

Now to the important bit... what was the food like? Well I was at Google last week and to be honest not impressed with the biscuits or snacks they had on offer (especially considering the Google event was really a sales pitch) . This course fared far better with a steady supply of tea, coffee and water (in rather nice posh bottles!) and plenty of very fancy biscuits.

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Christian Miles

Christian Miles