Christian Miles #thatsIntelligence
Christian Miles #thatsIntelligence
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christian miles

Agile is not about process or frameworks it's not something that can be 'installed' into an organisation or copied and pasted from one to another. It's a total shift in the way we think, operate and go about doing business! It's not an end point it's a continual journey of learning how to learn and continual evolution. 

about christian 

Hi I'm Christian Miles - enthusiastic advocate of agile methodologies, lean economic theory and systems thinking! Well versed in transformational change and witness to what works and what so often doesn't!

My aim is not to force my vision of agile or any particular framework onto your organisation - but to work with you and help you to achieve what's important in your individual context.

Before embarking on an agile transformation or rebooting an existing stalled process take a while to watch the below video...


Taking an existing framework or solution is no guarantee of success, nor is copying the latest 'unicorn' company 'framework' - Indeed often very much the opposite is the case.

Understanding how the current system works, identifying the purpose of the system and agreeing it's potential allows for tailored made solutions to be found from within. 



I come from a development background (Java/.NET) with over 20 years experience in the field and having held many job titles in that time. 

I understand the world of IT and the personalities within IT! I also understand the world of business! I'm happy to work with developers, PM's and stake-holders to reach win win solutions... And yes compromises! but always through transparency and collaboration.

I started my career working in a software house  coding in COBOL before quickly moving into the recently formed Java team and helped shape the company's flagship product which went on to be successfully sold today to many tier 1 retailers including Marks & Spencers, Waitrose, DSG and John Lewis.

I later switched to a smaller setup and switched technology to Microsoft's .NET framework - performing more of an architect role and coach role introducing many XP practices. 

Fast forward a number of years – I'd ran a number of departments and been involved in several agile transformations... Some more successful than others! 



I aim to offer custom bespoke courses aimed to help you and your organisation achieve your goals. 

We offer Scrum and Kanban training, advice on scaling, consultancy services in addition to SAFe training (Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner and SAFe for teams)   

"Ideal world Agile" doesn't easily translate from the class room to the real world! I spend the majority of my time working with real business with real problems - not in a class room! 







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