Networking Lessons from JR Ewing

As regular readers are only too well aware.... I love LinkedIn! and from time to time like to blog about it!

I few nights back I was chatting about Dallas and how it had recently been repeated.

One of things we began discussing was JR Ewing and his wide range of connections from every social and economic class and how this ensured he always knew the right person to assist him..... be it a boardroom takeover or the phone number of a cocktail waitress to get him that perfect table!

I've always appreciated the importance of being well connected in life and not just with MD's and directors. I use LinkedIn as a way to sell 'Christian Miles' as a brand but also as a tool for keeping track of all those useful connections.... including a couple of cocktail waitresses ;-)

1. What if the worse happens!

I was a little reluctant to start off with this as number 1 - LinkedIn is probably already viewed by many as nothing more than a job site! there wrong, it's much, much more than that... but yes it's also an excellent site for finding that next position.

But let's assume your not looking and your happily content..... When suddenly your made redundant? nothing is certain in this world and even the most secure and perfect job can  change very quickly. Being prepared doesn't mean that your actively looking just that your prepared!

2. LinkedIn is not just for people looking for a job!

LinkedIn has over 200 million users.... they are not all looking for jobs! I work in IT and every morning LinkedIn targets IT related stories at me, some interesting some less so! I use it to keep in contact with ex-colleagues, to share ideas and to ask industry experts for advice (You'll be amazed at just how helpful lots of people are). I use it to research products and candidates before interviews.... I even met my girlfriend via LinkedIn!

3. Opportunities come to you

When a company takes on a recruiter to fill a role chances are that company isn’t looking for someone unemployed!
The untold truth is that the recruiter is paid to head-hunt a perfectly happily content employee and convince them to just jump ship.... Recruiters don't just use LinkedIn of cause, but if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you are seriously reducing your chances of being discovered by head-hunters and having that 'Once in a lifetime opportunity' or to just make more money!

4.Your profile is up-to date and if not it should be.

We all have a CV.... but is your CV a static document collecting dust? Does it only get an overhaul the day you spot that perfect job and in panic you smarten it up and hit send?

With LinkedIn it's easy to maintain... and you should ensure that skills, courses and projects make there way onto your profile.

5. LinkedIn Groups.... 

You name it theres probably a group on LinkedIn for it! I find groups a really useful way of keeping abreast of the latest developments in an area... or for just hearing the latest gossip! - Find a few groups your interested in and engage with the group, you'll make some great and really useful connections!

Written by Christian Miles

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