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Passion and Experience. 


I'm a massive and enthusiastic fan of agile methodologies, Why? Because I've been involved with agile and non agile projects for over ten years and I've seen how a truly agile mindset really  can make a difference! 

So what about me? Passionate self motivated coach, Well versed in agile methodologies, agile adoption & transformational change - I love sharing my experience of the agile world with others, either to ease the transition between 'traditional' waterfall methodologies to Systems thinking, Using Scrum, Kanban or Lean Principles -  or just to help teams work more collaboratively.

Im from a development background with around 20 years commercial experience in the field. I've held many job titles in that time from junior developer to lead developer, Team lead, Development Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Consultant.  I understand the world of IT and the personalities within IT! I also understand the world of business! I'm happy to work with developers, PM's and stake-holders to reach win win solutions... And yes compromises! but always through transparency and collaboration.  

I started my career working for with a software house  coding in COBOL, I quickly moved into the recently formed Java team and helped shape the company's flagship POS product which is still successfully sold today to many tier 1 retailers including Marks & Spencer's and John Lewis. After ten years I left and moved to a smaller company and switched technology to Microsoft's .NET framework - performing more of an architect role and introducing many XP practices. We worked on delivering an incredibly functionally rich warehouse management system to companies such as Wincanton, 3663 and Brakes.  We may have been a small company but we had an extremely dedicated team which consistently punched above its weight!