What is systems thinking?


Who Am I?

I'm a massive and enthusiastic fan of Agile methodologies, Lean economic theory and systems thinking, Why? Because I've been involved with Agile and non-Agile adventures for over ten years and I've seen how being agile really can make a difference! 

Through my company I operate as coach, Scrum Master and interim manager. So what about me? Passionate and experienced agile coach, Well versed in agile methodologies, Agile adoption & transformational change - I love sharing my experience of the agile world with others either to ease the transition between traditional methodologies or just to help teams work more collaboratively.... I'm a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, SAFe program consultant (SPC4 - Licensed to run Leading SAFe, SAFe for teams, PO, SM and Advanced SM courses for SAFe), Member of the Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile Academy! And regular blogger and Tweeter on all things agile!

I've worked with amongst others the following clients :-

Marks & Spencers
Harvey & Thompson
Dixons Store Group

I come from a development background with around 20 years experience in the field I've held many job titles in that time - I understand the world of IT and the personalities within IT! I also understand the world of business! I'm happy to work with developers, PM's and stakeholders to reach win-win solutions... and yes compromises! but always through transparency and collaboration.